Drug Rehab

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, it has potentially the highest rate of illicit drug use in the nation, sitting at 13 percent vs. an average of 8 percent. That is about 60% higher. At the same time, residents face having the fewest number of drug rehabs, and most are faced with having to go outside of Rhode Island for help, or possibly being stuck on waiting lists for programs within the state.

Heroin and other opiate use is very high in Rhode Island, as is the case in most of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. This usually leaves many people seeking a good detox program first before starting either an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab. Some facilities provide multiple services, such as offering detoxification as well as residential rehabilitation afterward.

Additional commonly cited drugs upon admission to rehab centers in Rhode Island were marijuana, cocaine and other prescription drugs. Rhode Island has had a prescription drug monitoring program in place since as early as 1978 and it is administered through the Department of Public Health Board of Pharmacy. The program requires all pharmacies to report Schedule II and Schedule III prescriptions on a monthly basis.

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